RCMP considers crack down on Trudeau's critics amid crime wave

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Politicians keep getting more threats, and the head of the RCMP says new tools might be needed to protect them.

RCMP commissioner Mike Duheme wants new federal laws so police can pursue charges against people who threaten elected officials.

What kind of threats do they mean? Death threats or violence, right? No, this is Justin Trudeau’s hyper partisan police service we're talking about.

A March intelligence report lamented 'extremist narratives' for the "increasingly normalized" threats against politicians, predominantly high-profile women, it says.

Another report blamed the problem on "baseless theories, disinformation and misinformation" that spread to larger audiences.

RCMP officers sometimes knock on the door of those who utter concerning comments, he claims, but nothing further.

When it comes to laying a charge of uttering threats, Duheme says "that's sometimes a challenge," as the behaviour often fails to meet the Criminal Code threshold.

Threatening public officials? That sounds bad! Fortunately, we have several laws against intimidating Parliament or a legislature, and uttering threats.

Section 264.1 of the Criminal Code punishes purveyors of threats with jail time, while Section 51 makes violent acts against elected officials an indictable offence.

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