Why do elites insist that Canada needs foreign workers?

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Why are political and media elites so dedicated to bringing in cheap foreign labour to replace Canadian workers?

Not all Canadian workers. I mean, heaven forbid we bring in cheap foreign labour to replace their jobs. But blue collar labour, like this story in the Globe and Mail this week: 

Ban on temporary foreign workers in New Brunswick pressures food producers

A year ago, unemployment in New Brunswick was 8 per cent. The last month for which we have stats, March 2020, it was 8.8 per cent. Canada was slowly sliding into a recession, especially in New Brunswick, where Trudeau killed a $15.7 billion pipeline construction project called Energy East. That one pipeline would have literally given a job to every single unemployed man and woman in the entire province.

And then April, last month, New Brunswick unemployment jumped by half, literally up 4.4 percentage points, to 13.2 per cent. Do you doubt that when we have May’s numbers in that the numbers will be worse?

And remember the definition of "unemployed": that’s someone who is actually looking for a job. That doesn’t include people who have stopped looking, and that number has risen too.

So back to the story:

Late last month, Premier Blaine Higgs abruptly announced that temporary foreign workers are banned from entry – the only province in Canada to place such a restriction, which occurred just as spring planting season was about to start.

In an instant, a critical part of Mr. Dukeshire’s work force evaporated, while in Mexico, his long-term employees lost their livelihoods. He typically employs eight workers who return each year. One of them has been coming for 19 years, another for 12. They’re experienced and work without supervision, thinning the trees, pruning, making cider and harvesting.

Not a word about New Brunswick’s unemployed. But — and there’s such a weird implication here — what New Brunswicker could possibly master the intricacies of, uh, pruning apple trees and you know, picking apples without supervision?

“They know where every tree is on the farm,” said Mr. Dukeshire, whose Orchard Shade Farms is near Woodstock, N.B. “They’re crucial, essential workers, they’re part of the family and you can’t replace them with people off the street. We depend on them and they depend on us.”

But they’re not part of your family, actually, Mr. Dukeshire. If they were, they would be living in New Brunswick, as citizens. And they’d probably have the protection of Canadian labour laws, including minimum wage, if appropriate; or if there was a problem with minimum wages for farm work, maybe they’d be exempt from minimum wage — as farms often are, at least until the NDP runs a province.

TONIGHT I'll take you through this story in a bit more detail. It's really revealing of the situation across the country.

Hey guys, if they don’t get to fly in Mexican labourers, no-one will be able to pick the apples. We just don’t know how to do it! And lobster processors — who knows better how to harvest lobsters than Mexicans! I mean, certainly not New Brunswicker who have been working in fisheries for literally centuries, and industry built by their ancestors.

Yeah, we need to bring in world-famous Mexican lobster processors. They have secret skills that are just irreplaceable.

Did you know we were still flying in cheap foreign labourers, even in the middle of the virus crisis? And did you know that many of them were literally bringing in the virus with them, then were treated by Canada's health care system?

You and me have to stay in our homes. But foreign apple-pickers can come right in.

They’re essential — you’re not.

And remember, Trudeau announced a $50 million bonanza for TFWs.

You see, we’re doing this to save money.

This farmer is a disgrace. And so is the Globe and Mail for defending him.

I have no ill will towards Mexico or Moldova or Montenegro.

But I don't I expect those countries to put me or other Canadians first in their plans to recover from this pandemic, and the flattened economy.

NEXT: Today, a judge ruled in favour of one-time Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate, Jim Karahalios. He joins me to talk about the case, and what happens next.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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