Why is the government pushing vaccines on children — without their parental consent?

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I saw this from the Peel Region — a large municipality outside Toronto:

So 12-year-olds can consent to this without their parents? They’re children. The law says that most contracts with children are non-binding —you’ve heard of the phrase, taking candy from a baby, right? It’s the point that you can trick them; they’re not mature enough, skeptical enough, wise enough, experienced enough.

But apparently 12-year-olds can “consent” to whether or not they want to be jabbed in the arm with an experimental drug that has not yet been approved, for an illness, COVID-19, that has less than a one in a million chance of killing a child. That’s not an exaggeration — it really is less than a one in a million chance. COVID is an old person’s disease; really, for people who are already very sick and who are 80 or older.

It’s only because we’re in an “emergency” that this experiment is being allowed.

Do you think 12-year-olds are being told that?

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