Justin Trudeau's popularity is plummeting among all religious groups

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Tonight, Justin Trudeau's falling popularity comes as no surprise to Ezra.

There's lots of opinion polls, and all of them are bad for the prime minister. He hasn't been even close in the polls for over a year.

And a recent Angus Reid poll shows that trend remains the case, as Trudeau is losing support from all religious groups.

Canadian politicians have sought the support of diverse linguistic, cultural and religious diasporas that comprise its cultural mosaic. Yet Trudeau finds himself with no allies on a ship sinking fast.

Pierre Poilievre and the Conservative party are the preferred choice of a majority (53%) of Christians, Hindus (53%) and Sikhs (54%).

As it stands, half of Muslims and Jews say their opinion of Canada's leader has worsened in recent weeks. 

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