Trudeau Foundation’s David Johnston does what we knew he would — and covers up for Chinese benefactors

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The Canadian political landscape has recently been stirring with allegations of Chinese Communist Party influence. 

Tonight on the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra highlights the controversy surrounding Justin Trudeau's reputed connection with Communist China, and the supposed collusion of David Johnston in this ordeal. As these startling claims unravel, it’s becoming evident that the world is witnessing China's far-reaching influence operation in action.

The situation exposes a potential crack in Canada's democracy, but the supposed conduct of Johnston has left many dumbfounded.

The purported influence seems to stem not just from the public figures themselves but also from those closely associated with them.

Ezra draws parallels to the infamous case of O.J. Simpson, illustrating how the alleged culprits may be looking in the wrong direction for their 'real killer'.

Yet, despite these accusations, Johnston's image has remained untarnished, maintaining an aura of dignity and respect that belies the controversy swirling around him.

Nonetheless, allegations of him being a loyal Trudeau partisan persist, suggesting that his actions are, in fact, politically motivated.

The narrative surrounding Johnston and Trudeau is twofold. One story, portrayed by the mainstream CBC, displays Johnston as a loyal Trudeau supporter, fending off criticism and accusations.

The alternative story, presented by independent media sources like Rebel News, paints a starkly different picture. It proposes that Johnston has been a significant player in aiding the Chinese Communist Party's influence over Canadian politics.

The decision to appoint Johnston as the investigator into these claims has raised eyebrows. By legal principles, a judge should recuse himself if there’s an actual or perceived conflict of interest.

It's an established concept that justice must not only be served but be visibly seen to be done. Johnston’s refusal to step down from his position brings into question his ability to carry out an impartial investigation.

His response to the criticisms against him was to lament the loss of public trust in institutions, attributing this decline to 'baseless accusations'. Interestingly, his outrage seemed to be primarily directed towards the media, an echo of Trudeau's known disdain for any critical press. 

In the face of these compelling allegations, it's clear that this Canadian political drama has yet to reach its climax. As revelations continue to emerge, the public must keep a watchful eye on the evolving narrative and ask the hard questions about the influence of foreign powers on Canada's democracy.

GUEST: Gordan G. Chang, speaks on the dangers of Chinese foreign interference.

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