Is it a good idea for the Mounties to drive Teslas?

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Tonight, do you think it’s a good idea for the Mounties to drive Teslas?

Greenwashing is a joke when big corporations do it, but it’s absolutely nuts when the military does it.

Not just greenwashing, but any other political priority other than the central mission of the military: blowing up other militaries.

In a way, who cares if a company wastes money and loses its mission? It’s just a company, the stock market and competitors will eventually take care of that. But when a military does so, there’s no ability to say “whoopsies." If you’re putting any collateral purpose ahead of being the most lethal fighting force you can be, people are going to die, and wars will be lost.

Canada doesn’t have much of a military anymore. Trudeau is pushing wokeism in the military pretty hard. Soldiers are using food banks but he’s spending money putting tampon dispensers in men’s bathrooms in military bases. That in itself isn’t going to cost us the war, but it shows you what’s important in the Canadian Armed Forces these days.

But let’s talk about something that’s almost as important as the military, something that affects many of us directly, sometimes on a daily basis: the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada’s largest police force. They were once the pride of Canada, an international symbol of our country, thought of as upstanding, honest, fair, adventurous, and outdoorsy.

That’s the old RCMP. The new RCMP, of course, is one of political corruption at the hands of Trudeau’s hand-picked commissioners: the disgraceful Brenda Lucki, and the new, even more atrocious RCMP commissioner, Mike Duheme, who made his big debut by calling for new laws to stop people from being mean to politicians online.

So the RCMP have already been politicized. Unfortunately, it's only getting worse. 

Look at this press release by the RCMP in February, just a few months ago. "RCMP shifts to zero-emission vehicles."

The RCMP is driving change by shifting its on-road light duty fleet to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), where operationally feasible, by 2035.

And here we thought their job was arresting bad guys and upholding the law! Yeah, no. It hasn’t been for a while.

GUEST: Gordan G. Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China speaks on Taiwan facing CCP military drills surrounding itself.

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