We've just seen what happens when the people no longer listen to the elites

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You know we’ve all been scared of COVID-19 for two months. Because they scared us.

We all accepted house arrest pretty meekly, didn’t we? To “flatten the curve” — that was the phrase.

The latest death toll for the virus is just over 6,000. Which is terrible. I should tell you though, it’s less than the average annual death toll from the flu and pneumonia.

And I think it’s absolutely critical to point out that 82 per cent of all Canadian deaths are in seniors homes. I won’t even say it’s a disease that targets people over 80. Because if you weren’t in certain seniors homes, you didn’t die from the virus, even if you were over 80.

So take out those 82 per cent, call it a seniors home flu, and then acknowledge that the death toll for the other part of society has been 1,000 people. Over the past 60+ days. So, 16 people a day, on average — excluding seniors homes.

In Canada, on average almost 1,000 people die a day from all causes.

For millions of others came unemployment and the risk of poverty. And on top of that, the people who said we had to be scared, and not come into contact with other humans, and not travel? Well, they all did precisely those things while telling you not to: Doug Ford, Toronto Mayor John Tory, and of course Trudeau himself.

It’s OK for Tory to take off his mask and pose for a photo op in front of a hospital with front-line workers. But not you. Last weekend, he was at a large park in Toronto called Trinity Bellwoods. Again, he didn't wear his mask because it was inconvenient or uncomfortable or people couldn’t hear him, or he just felt stupid wearing it — all could be true.

But he literally went down there precisely to scold 10,000 other people — for being there and for not wearing masks.

These young people often live in small condos downtown. No backyard. No open spaces. Everything’s been shut down — so you’re cooped up at home, doing nothing, or if you can work from home, you’re going slowly mad; the only human contact you have is via Skype or Zoom, and ten seconds when the food delivery guy comes by.

And maybe you’ve heard the fact that not a single case has been recorded of a catching the virus through casual outdoor contact; and you know that young people don’t get it; and more to the point, you see that all the boss people are cheating.

And maybe you’re starting to see other jurisdictions going back to normal, especially in the U.S., but some Canadian places too.

So it’s a gorgeous weekend, and you say — I’m going out. To heck with it.

And not that this is political, but they’re liberals, these people. Young, single, Downtown Toronto high-rise dwellers? Yeah, that’s liberal, that’s NDP. But it’s not about partisan stripe. It’s about being human. And deciding that you’re done being scared, and that really the only people who should be scared are seniors who were stashed in seniors homes.

So the mayor goes down there to scold people.

They deployed so many police the next day, they managed to scare away the crowds. But one guy was there, literally sitting by himself in the park, and he got a ticket. For doing what?

It’s hard not to notice that people who have summer cottages and big backyards are fine with this lockdown. And they’re pretty scoldy of people who don’t have those things, and want to go to the park.

Just like people who are being paid no matter what just love the surprise vacation at home —it’s the little people who have lost their jobs who are the ones who want to get back to work.

I was angry about this hypocrisy, so I expressed that on Twitter — TONIGHT I'll show you the exchanges I had with some of Canada's "elites."

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

They promised us it would be a two-week lockdown. It’s two months.

And if some politicians had their way, they’d keep us like this for a long, long time.

NEXT: Our lawyer Sam Goldstein has an update on our FightTheFines.com campaign, and we have a broader discussion on where we are at the pandemic in terms of these emergency orders.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!


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