A federal judge AGREES to fast-track our lawsuit against Trudeau’s media censorship

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The Federal Court of Canada has just approved our request to fast-track an urgent lawsuit against Justin Trudeau’s Privy Council Office, for illegally banning our reporters from asking him questions during his daily press conferences.

As you know, the courts are closed during the pandemic. Only genuine emergencies are being heard. So we had to apply for special permission for our lawsuit to be classified as “urgent."

Judge Angela Furlanetto heard our request by conference call. There were three lawyers for Trudeau’s government on the other side, but wouldn’t you know it — the court agreed with us.

Our entire lawsuit will be done in the next seven weeks. Normally a case like this takes literally years to work its way through the courts.

I’ve asked our lawyers to request that the Zoom trial be made public — because normally people can sit in a courtroom and watch.

Mark that in your calendar now — 9:30 a.m. on July 13th! 

So it’s on! Last time we sued the feds, in October, they put five lawyers on the file, and billed taxpayers $131,000 — we still beat them. I acknowledge this is an uphill fight, and it’s by no means certain that we’ll win.

But we have a secret weapon — the same two young legal eagles who beat Trudeau like a drum back in October are on the file for us again!

I have asked our lawyers for a rough estimate of how much it will cost for us to fight. They have estimated that will cost $40,000.

But of course, we have to crowdfund that by ourselves — we certainly won’t get any help from the civil liberties association or any journalism club. They’re all on Trudeau’s side — he pays them, and they obey.

Someone has to ask real questions.

Someone has to defend the public interest; be skeptical of government power; challenge the groupthink.

We live in a free country.

Journalists shouldn’t have to go to court to be able to attend a press conference.

But it’s come to that.

Please visit LetUsReport.com to read all the details. And while you’re there, please help me crowdfund the $40,000 I’m going to need to hold Trudeau to account.

If you can help out — whether it’s five dollars or five hundred — I’d sure appreciate it. I feel like we’re doing this for everyone, not just for ourselves.

NEXT: Lorne Gunter joins me to talk about why we shouldn't let Quebec and Ontario hold the rest of the country back when it comes to lifting the COVID-19 lockdown.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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