Exclusive interview with Roman Baber, Conservative Party leadership candidate

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I'm excited by the Conservative Party of Canada's leadership contest. Excited that it's happening at all. Thanks to the truckers who set in motions a series of events that culminated in Erin O'Toole being turfed by the Conservative caucus, thank goodness.

And into that void have stepped some quality candidates. It's not the B-list team, these are people who can win. Who want to win. Who bring something to the table, whether you like each of them or not, the contest has a national class of candidates. It's not as stretch to imagine most of them as prime minister. And a better prime minister than Justin Trudeau.

And what I like best of all is that they believe in things. There's a real clash of ideas afoot, don't you think? The mainstream media is appalled by this; they don't know what to make of this.

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the candidates for the leadership, who happens to be my own local provincial legislator. The member of the provincial parliament for York Centre, at least until the election was called. His name is Roman Baber. He made a name for himself in January 2021 by publicly opposing Doug Ford's lockdowns, but in a calm, researched and carefully argued way, which promptly saw him thrown out of the party for daring to dissent.

Well, now he's running for the federal Conservatives.

Learn more about his campaign by visiting JoinRoman.ca.

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