Hundreds rally in support of Toronto Jewish girls' school, but where is Ya'ara Saks?

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Tonight on The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra shares his on-the-ground coverage as hundreds of members of the Jewish and non-Jewish community rallied in support of the Toronto Jewish girls' school that was shot up over the weekend.

But where was the local MP Ya'ara Saks, who happens to be Jewish herself?

In fact, she’s been boycotting events in the Jewish community for months — ever since she visited with Mahmoud Abbas, the terrorist leader, earlier this year, and took a selfie with him.

Ezra highlights the impact of the terrifying attack and the solidarity rally afterwards, with the bizarre and inexcusable absence of the local Liberal.

The show also features interviews from Federal and Ontario Conservatives representatives such as Kevin Vuong, Lisa MacLeod and confronting Michael Kerzner, the Solicitor General of Ontario

GUEST: Sue Ann Levy, senior reporter for True North Centre joins the show to discuss her thoughts while also attending the rally. 

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