Our latest book hits #1 on the best-sellers list. I’ll show you the Media Party’s reaction!

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Friday was very exciting. As you saw, we released our latest book, Unsporting, by Coach Linda Blade and Barbara Kay. I sure had fun chatting with them.

Well, that was literally the day we announced the book. I think we made it public at around 3:30 p.m.

Well, by that evening, the book had literally hit number one on the Amazon book best-seller list in Canada. Wow. I think that might actually be the fastest we’ve ever had a book go to number one.

Just incredible.

Now, knock on wood — as I told you Friday, my book, China Virus, was an instant best-seller too, but then the Chinese embassy, or whoever, started a pressure campaign to have Amazon ban the book. Which they did. And after we made a fuss, they un-banned it. I think there’s a real chance that could happen here.

Because we’ve seen it happen to others.

But also — because we see the campaign to ban us starting already online.

But not from everyone. Interestingly, there are plenty of people, who I think traditionally would be called “on the left”, who support the book.

But look at this. This is from the LGB alliance — that stands for lesbians, gays and bisexuals:

THRILLED to see that the #1 bestselling book in Canada right now is @coachblade and @BarbaraRKay's look at gender ideology's destruction of women's sport. The tide is turning quickly now. Canadians aren't buying this nonsense anymore.

But then a hard-left-wing journalist, Omar Mouallem, says:

It doesn’t bother you that Rebel News and Ezra Levant are the publishers?

Isn’t that something?

It may be a great book. It may be a book that stands up for girls. It may be the best-selling book in Canada. But some hard-left-wing “journalist” — who allegedly believes in free speech, I think — is chiding the gay and lesbian group. Not with any real argument — it’s assumed everyone knows why we’re evil. You’re hanging out with Ezra and Rebel News? Not even an argument; I mean, you either know or you don’t know; you get it or you don’t. Don’t you get it? You’re not supposed to read anything published by Levant or Rebel News.

By the way, I didn’t write the book. I did read it carefully before it was published, but I wasn’t the editor of it. My real role was encouraging Coach Linda and Barbara to write it, and to make sure some of the wheels were set in motion.

Now, I note that many of these online comments are written anonymously. By someone who is not using their real name. That could mean various things — including that, theoretically they are all the same person! But more likely, it could mean that if you talk about these things, using your real name, you’ll be smashed and smeared and if you have a job where your boss can be pressured, you can literally be fired for saying the wrong thing.

That’s how it is these days.

If you just show some courage, people will flock to you.

That’s what Coach Blade and Barbara Kay did. And they got a national best-seller out of it. Any other publisher could have done it. Any other politicians could do it.

Just a bit of courage folks, that’s all it takes.

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FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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