Trump on trial: Ezra Levant from New York City

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Tonight, Trump on trial. We're in New York City to watch the media and the hecklers as Donald Trump's prosecution continues.

There are so many courts in lower Manhattan. Donald Trump used to frequent these courts as a litigant; fewer professions are more litigious than being a property developer in Manhattan. But now he's back, this time as a defendant. He's been prosecuted in baldly political sham trials that, win or lose, damage him politically or so the theory goes. The latest polls show Trump leading by a significant amount in all the battleground states.

For lack of a better word, the prosecution of Donald Trump is the banana republic-ification of the U.S. judicial system, which is terrifying and terrible. It's almost to the point where in certain jurisdictions  blue states where you have a Democrat-dominated jury, for example  a Republican might not be able to get any justice.

It's a terrible thing when people lose respect for the justice system. In this case, the decay of trust is at the hands of prosecutors and judges who have decided it is more morally important to stop Trump than to follow the law. 

We'd like to think that this is a particularly American phenomenon, and that luckily we don't have such abuses of justice in Canada yet. After all, Pierre Poilievre hasn't been prosecuted by Justin Trudeau, right?

But that's not quite right. Although Pierre Poilievre, Maxime Bernier, Danielle Smith, Jason Kenney or any other conservative leaders have not been put through the grinder, perhaps it's because they're all rather mild compared to the real political actors in Canada over the last five years. It's the freedom-oriented individual citizens, the truckers and those who came out to support them, that have really taken a stand. It's those people, people like Tamara Lich, that have had the courts weaponized against them.

Here in America, lawfare targets people like the spectacular Donald Trump: former president, billionaire, TV celebrity, and household name. But in Canada, lawfare targets the little people, people who dare to keep their restaurants or churches open during lockdowns.

In Canada, we have politicized lawfare, too. We just pick on the little guy.

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