They actually want to force children to wear masks again

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Trudeau’s hand-picked RCMP commissioner testified before the trucker commission today. She wore a mask. Not the cop next to her, not the judge and none of the lawyers. No-one is wearing a mask. Except her.

Even Trudeau isn’t wearing a mask. Here’s Trudeau living out his dream walking next to Joe Biden in Indonesia at the G20 meeting — both wearing those costumes. Trudeau loves costumes. Let’s consider ourselves lucky that he didn’t also break out his blackface kit.

Also in attendance was Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand, who like Trudeau is a big WEF disciple. And she's with Klaus Schwab. He’s the head of the WEF.

But the G20 is a group of 20 countries. Sovereign countries, and their leaders. So why is Klaus Schwab there, on par with sovereign leaders like Biden, Trudeau and Ardern? We can criticize all three of them, but they can at least say they were elected and might be unelected next time. Who invited Schwab? On what basis? Did he buy his way in? Lobby his way in? Bill Gates too. How did he get in? I mean, I guess if you can buy yourself out of a child rape allegation, you can buy yourself into anything.

But back to the point — none of them are wearing masks. Not even their servants — which was a thing for a while in Hollywood. You probably remember that classic image of AOC dressed like a princess at the ball while all of the working-class servants around her wore masks. But of course — they’re the dirty little peasants.

But the G20 is mask-free. Even though Trudeau wore one just the other day in Canada at some Big Pharma photo op. Actually, he went mask off, mask on, mask off, the whole thing was a show.

But not in Indonesia with the big kids. I mean, talk about a global superspreader event — 20 countries gathered, including China. Talk about spreading germs. But again, masks are for the little people. Trudeau is not worried. It’s for you to worry.

Brenda Lucki wore the mask not because she’s worried. But because, like any guilty witness, she doesn’t want people to see her face when she testified. It’s easier to tell a lie when your face is covered. It hides involuntary body language. I bet she would have worn sunglasses too, if she could have got away with it. Like Poker players do to hide their eyes when they bluff. Brenda Luck is a proven liar — she lies constantly, including when she called up police in Nova Scotia to instruct them to help Trudeau’s political campaign to ban guns, by releasing certain information about the mass shooting out there. She lied about that, and encouraged others to lie. So of course she hasn’t been fired. She’s essential to Trudeau’s success.

Masks are a tool to hide your identity. That’s why burglars wear them. Masks dehumanize us, because our face tells so much about us to each other. The damage we did to children, including newborns, by denying them the right to see faces is indescribable.

Masks were a flag of lockdownism. They had a psychological purpose — make you think about the disease all the time, something that wouldn’t happen normally. It is true that over 40,000 people have died in Canada from Covid in the past three years. That’s not good; it’s a bit higher than the flu’s death toll over the same period of time, and that’s if you believe the government’s very liberal definition of who qualifies as a covid death. A paramedic friend of mine was telling me how they were instructed to cast a very wide net as to deciding who was sick or died from Covid — exactly the opposite approach taken to counting who gets sick or dies from the vaccines.

Masks are the flag of lockdownism, because without them you wouldn’t know we were in a pandemic. Because it affected mainly the elderly. Many people had no symptoms, or only mild symptoms. Without 24-hour immersive media, you simply wouldn’t know it. And you certainly wouldn’t see it, unless you worked amongst very old seniors, in LTC facilities. No, the masks were necessary to make you afraid of your neighbours and vice versa. To make sure you didn’t relax or lose your anxiety. They were a tool of distress. They increased mental illness much more than they protected anyone from anything, especially children, who had close to a zero percent chance of death from Covid. It truly was a disease of the old and sick. If you wore a mask it was just telling the world that you were part of the ruling elite, or sucking up to them.

I mean, what can you say about this CBC reporter — sister, you’re not going to spread the virus through your computer.

But imagine imposing masks on children again. Well, that’s what they’re doing.

Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth plans to introduce a motion to hold an emergency meeting on masks Tuesday.

"A newly elected school board trustee plans to introduce a motion Tuesday to call for an emergency meeting to vote on bringing back mandatory masks at the city's largest school board."

Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth, a family physician in the Glebe, ran on a platform to bring back masks in schools when she was voted in as the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board trustee for Zone 9 in October.”

Well, the CBC couldn’t be happier. To them, MD doesn’t stand for medical doctor, it stands for media darling. At least those pushing for more government authoritarianism in their lives. They don’t have much time for dissenting doctors, or how we used to call them: a second opinion.

Currently, the province is dealing with a triple threat of COVID, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus or RSV, which can cause breathing difficulties for babies and toddlers.”

Triple threat! They love using super-scientific terms like that, don’t they.

Who is this Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth? Well, here she is on TVO. I want to play a glorious clip for you:

So she wears a mask when she’s alone. And it’s not a hardship. You should do it too. The science says so. Trust her. Always wear the mask. Even after people have left the room.

Except if you’re getting a publicity shot, where you want to show your face. Not a smiling face, a dead serious face. Even if the photographer is there — well, some risks are worth it. "Here is Ottawa physician Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth in her clinic unmasked in December, while a photographer was in the room. Yesterday on TVO, she said being unmasked in her clinic alone was unsafe.”

Well she’s now a school board trustee and she demands that your children be masked. But what’s so weird is: I don’t think she sends her own kids to public school. At least one of them, for sure. Here, listen to this angry mask fanatic bristle when she’s asked a question about that, in a non-mean way by some online debate moderator. She wasn’t attacked at all; but she attacked back, very angry, very defensive very weird. But the answer, in short is: no. She doesn’t send her kids to public school. But she wants to tell public school kids what to do:

Holy moly anger issues. But really, isn’t that the true face of maskers?

Who wants to go back to that? And would they want to go back to this? A mask-enforcer mob, chasing out an unmasked shopper:

People can wear masks if they want to. This isn’t about people wearing masks. It’s about people forcing other people to wear masks.

That’s the essence of the past two years. Not an illness. Not a virus. But politicians and bureaucrats telling other people how to live.

GUESTJeremy Loffredo

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