UK colleges urged to let anyone “identify” as black — and that's a good thing

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In the UK, a group called the Universities and Colleges Union has laid out their stance on self-identification, encouraging the idea that self-identity includes not only gender and sexuality but also race.

Here's the full position statement from the UCU: 

“Our rules commit us to ending all forms of discrimination, bigotry and stereotyping. UCU has a long history of enabling members to self-identify whether that is being black, disabled, LGBT+ or women.”

You can even self-identify as disabled!

This summer we caught Jessica Yaniv on tape getting free rides in the handicapped public transit service in Vancouver, but also released footage of him running like a bull.

Yaniv is about as disabled as I am, but he self-identifies as disabled. What are you to disagree, some sort of bigot?

From Rachel Dolezal to Elizabeth Warren, people have taken their self-identification fantasies too far. And maybe this support for self-identification as whatever ethnicity you want is just what we need to get rid of these insane government rules about race.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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