The liberal meltdown over Trump's Twitter return is incredible ... and he hasn't even tweeted yet!

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Elon Musk has reinstated many banned conservative voices on Twitter and today I speak with Dr James Lindsay who has served his time in Cyber Siberia.

We've spoken with him before and I like talking with him. He's really smart and, he was one of those banned in the last year by the Twitter censors and he has now been unbanned.

I also want to talk about our recent event. Over 750 people bought tickets for a full-day Rebel News conference – Rebel News Live in the greater Toronto area.

The packed room was a great reminder of what it's like to go to conferences and meet with lots of people after we were atomized and forced apart from each other.

Top Rebel News personalities gave talks and took questions but also interesting newsmakers such as Arthur Pavlovsky and Tamara Lich.

Other great speakers, included Parminder Singh, who also came to prominence during the Trucker Convoy.

It's happening again this coming weekend in Calgary, there are still tickets available if you want to come for the day with a VIP dinner with guests option on offer too.

You can also join the event by Zoom if you're not able to make it to the Calgary location.

I have been watching Sheila Gunn Reid's live-tweeting senior government officials at the Trucker Commission, including Bill Blair and very soon, Justin Trudeau himself will take the stand.

One of the things we saw today was how these false allegations, this literal government disinformation about the truckers being 'violent extremists' was planted in the media by the government.

We always sensed it in our bones, but the truth came out today, I'm so proud of our team in Ottawa, you can follow them at as you know, we've rented an Airbnb in that city we've that we've turned into a TV studio.

I'm glad Sheila was down there on this very important day so we're doing lots of stuff in Canada but in the back of my mind is Twitter, recently bought and turned private by Elon Musk.

And he is following through and he is allowing some formerly censored voices to come back the most important, of course, being Donald Trump.

Elon put up a Twitter poll 15 million people voted in a day and it was a close 52% to 48% in favor of bringing Trump back – though he is yet to tweet.

You may recall after Donald Trump was banned from Twitter which was outrageous. He was a sitting U.S. President banned from Twitter.

The ayatollahs of Iran, the communist leaders of china there on Twitter but not the American president was deeply disturbing.

In fact, other countries around the world including Angela Merkel who was the leader of Germany at the time and the president of Mexico.

Neither of them were fans of of Trump but both of those leaders in particular said it is a dangerous thing when we woke bureaucrats in Silicon Valley can simply wave the wand and silence the leader of a sovereign country.

It's very interesting Trump has not yet tweeted. I hope he will. It would be absurd if he didn't, if you had 100 million viewers who were tuned into, you'd be foolish not to use that.

Trump used social media to great effect in 2016 so we'll see if he returns to it.

But interesting to me, is the reaction by the liberals just incredible. I guess a Twitter poll you can say is rigged by the Russians – You're just not allowed to say that Joe Biden's win was rigged by anyone anyhow.

Guest: James Lindsay

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