Pfizer says it just doesn’t know if its drugs will harm young children. I’ll read to you from their official FDA submission.

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Toronto's Mayor John Tory wants the kids to be vaxxed.

I think it’s to please Pfizer shareholders. I think it’s to maintain the psychology of fear. I think it’s to keep the pressure up, even as the facts recede. And I think it’s to remove the control group — by that, I mean, we really don’t know what these mRNA vaccines are going to do to people five, ten, fifty years from now.

No clue. It’s a new technology. We know that they don’t stop people from getting sick, or passing on the virus, or even dying. Even Fauci has admitted that now. So they’re not as effective as promised. But what about the side-effects?

How can we know how this will affect young children when they are grown up? If you give an injection to a five-year-old, will it affect their reproductive system?

You won’t know for 20 years, will you?

On tonight's show, let me read to you from Pfizer’s own report to the FDA.

You can see it here for yourself:

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee October 26, 2021 Meeting Document

This was filed with the FDA, and you can find it online.

They’re going to be testing it for five more years. They’re just making “reasonable” guesses. Reasonable for your child — or reasonable for their shareholders?

This is what they’ve disclosed. Not just disclosed, they positively filed this with the government, with the FDA.

Now imagine what they’re hiding, what they’re going to court to claim they don’t have to disclose for 50 more years.

GUEST: Lorne Gunter of The Edmonton Sun

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