What will happen if you don't take their COVID vaccine?

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Bill Gates — who is not a medical doctor, but has a lot of opinions about your body — is the toast of the town these days.

That’s what having 50 billion dollars does. You can buy whatever you want, including loving media coverage. I’m surprised the New York Times even published what it did about his close personal relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

So, he wants a vaccine for the coronavirus to be mandatory.

Every single human should take it — he’s said so repeatedly. As in — men, women and children. All seven billion of us.

Which is odd, because kids don’t really get the COVID, and when they do, they almost always get better. I think in all of Canada there has been a single death under the age of 20 — and that youngster had massive health problems to begin with. So the risk of people under 20 is about one in ten million, if my math is right.

Why should we immunize kids? Is your vaccine so safe, that it’s safer than real life, which says you’ve got a one in ten million chance of dying from the virus if you’re a kid?

Hey, where are all the pro-choice people at? My body my choice; keep your rosaries off my ovaries, that sort of thing.

Can we get a bit of a hand now — how can I keep Bill Gates from jabbing a needle into my arm, with some serum he’s just cooked up in the past few months as part of some weird messiah complex?

Seven billion people. That includes kids. And pregnant moms. And moms who are nursing babies. You’re going to jab them all? With a vaccine that was only invented a few months ago, that hasn’t been tested on any kids or pregnant or nursing moms? And you call this public health?

Theresa Tam says we should just lock up people who dissent.

Again, your choice people. You don’t need to get jabbed. You’ll just stay in prison till you do.

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  • By David Menzies

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