Catherine McKenna's Indonesia adventure

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Good scoop the other day by The Post Millennial.

They found an old travel video featuring Catherine McKenna, the disgraced Trudeau cabinet minister, back before she was in politics, and she was one of four stars of a travel movie; sort of an early version of a travel blog.

But it was a movie — 45 minutes. McKenna and three men travelled together, lived in tents together, really spent every waking and sleeping moment together, for sixty days, as they went through Indonesia.

The Post Millennial clipped a few moments from the video.

And obviously it got under McKenna’s skin, because she responded publicly:

Well, I’m glad she tweeted that, because I actually didn’t see the original video — just the clips that The Post Millennial had published. So I did watch the whole thing. And it’s pretty bad.

On tonight's show, I’ll take you through some of it:

Catherine McKennel ate a dog, watched a cockfight and attended a forced marriage.

Oh — did I call her McKennel?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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