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Ezra Levant is in downtown Ottawa to cover the public inquiry into Trudeau's invocation of martial law.

Fifteen members of the Rebel News team will be there for the next six weeks covering this commission to make sure Trudeau is not able to flip the script and put the truckers on trial.

The judicial inquiry intro Trudeau's use of a form of martial law under the emergencies act will examine the sensational events which occurred when thousands of truckers spontaneously converged on Ottawa and other places too, to protest against the violation of our civil liberties inherent in the vaccine mandates and other lockdown laws.

It was beautiful because it was so real, so authentic and so Canadian.

It was organic, there was no master plan to it, certainly no political party behind it. Every political party in parliament - both government and opposition loved the mandates and the lockdowns and none spoke out against it.

Every court supported it and, of course, the mainstream media was all for it and the colleges of physicians and surgeons hunted down any doctors that dared to have a second opinion.

And the police enforced it all.

Trudeau tried to demonize the truckers as violent but crime in Ottawa actually decreased while the truckers were in town.

The purpose of this commission is of course to hold Trudeau's feet to the fire.

Tonight, Ezra will share exactly how we'll do that.

Guest: William Diaz-Berthiaume

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