The 'Trucker Commission' is underway with some surprising revelations

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I'm standing outside the library and archives in Ottawa. I arrived last night.

It was a bit of a drizzle, it's still warm enough. You don't really need a code out. The heat's inside.

As you know, this is the great commission of inquiry that is required any time a Prime Minister invokes the form of martial law called "the emergencies act." This inquiry was built into that legislation as a kind of after-the-fact gut check.

But it's more than just a gut check. It's led by an independent judge.

It's an inquiry into whether or not the suspension of civil liberties was justified and frankly even legal because "the emergencies act" is not something that a politician can simply choose to invoke for political reasons.

There must be a legal threshold, a crisis, a danger, an insurrection, a grave threat to the country that must be proved or at least must be believed to be a foot before civil liberties can be lifted; before bank accounts can be seized before horses are deployed against peaceful protesters before the country can become a little bit of a Cuba or China or Iran. 

If the starting few days are anything to go by, I think this "Commission of Inquiry" might actually yield an interesting set of facts and conclusions that the bailout media, and the regime media have not shown Canadians so far.

GUEST: David Menzies interviews Sheila Gunn Reid and they discuss David Menzies petition drop-off to "protect the student" against the fetishized shop teacher who has been making headlines for wearing ridiculously large prosthetic breasts to class. 

FINALLY: Video of the day. 

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