If the Trucker Commission is a circus, then the mainstream media are the clowns

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Rebel reporters are doing amazing things and I want to take a moment to brag about it.

From our extensive coverage of the Trucker Commission, to the WHO's World Health Summit on the other side of the world in Berlin, we're continuing to bring you the other side of the story.

We’re coving these things, because no-one else can or will.

The difference between reality and the regime media is truly shocking.

And the mainstream media coverage is a world apart from the reality on the ground - completely disconnected from the events taking place in front of our eyes.

Do they think people are stupid?

And they have the nerve to run headlines such as 'Right-Wing Media Outlets are Already Turning the Emergencies Act Inquiry Into a Circus' alleging that 'right-wing media outlets intend to be a disruptive presence at the hearings and seize on opportunities to generate video clips that can be repackaged for convoy supporters online'.

They are right about one thing: It is a circus, and they are the clowns.

Honk honk.

 GUEST: Aaron Gunn, on the Vancouver mayor election, the social decay of the city itself with his new series.

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