George Soros wants to decide what’s fake news or not

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We’ve talked about the concept of fake news, and misinformation and fact-checking. None of those words were normal until five years ago. They were all invented to attack Donald Trump.

Fake news as it’s used these days isn’t about mistakes, and it’s not about forgeries or something extreme like that. It’s an attempt to denature and destroy and defame and disparage opinions and points of view.

And it absolutely is the work of the deep state.

Disinformation — when I first read that word 40 years ago, was when the U.S. government would deliberately give out false information about a fighter plane so that the false information would be reported in some way, and the enemy would come to the wrong conclusions about something — like the maximum speed of a new kind of U.S. fighter jet, or how far away missiles could intercept a plane. Disinformation started as a military word.

And I really hadn’t heard it used for the rest of my life until the deep state decided it needed to censor Trump, and Trump’s supporters, who had found a way to get around the left-wing media by using the Internet.

But look at this:

Exclusive: Billionaires back new media firm to combat disinformation

A new public benefit corporation backed by billionaires Reid Hoffman, George Soros, and others is launching Tuesday to fund new media companies and efforts that tackle disinformation.

Could you imagine? Imagine in any other era, trusting billionaires to tell you what is or isn’t appropriate for you to hear?

I swear it feels like five minutes ago when everyone, left and right, would be skeptical of an oligarch telling them what they can or can’t hear.

So yeah, all these tech billionaires. Going to “counter disinformation before it spreads”.

Will that include information about them? About George Soros? About Steve Ballmer — and his colleague Bill Gates?

Are we still allowed to talk about Bill Gates and his twisted friendship with Jeffrey Epstein? Or is that considered disinformation?

I know why the Americans engaged in disinformation — to deceive Russian spies. Good idea. It was war.

But when ordinary Americans and Canadians talk about politics, that’s not disinformation. And we don’t need the government — or evil billionaire megalomaniacs and bored heiresses — telling us what we believe is “fake”.

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