Half a million Canadians say that Trudeau has to go — and the Liberal Party says they’re just foreign-funded trolls and should be censored

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You know that the social media giants throttle conservatives, right? That is not a theory or a speculation; it’s a policy. I know that because when it happened to us on YouTube, I asked our YouTube representative and she confirmed it to us. It’s their written policy.

They boost “trusted” or “quality” media — by which they mean establishment media, left-wing media, government media. You can literally type in the exact name of a Rebel News video, and often YouTube will serve up a CBC or CTV or Global News video on the same subject, instead.

I tell you that to point out how hard it is to get anything trending or going viral on social media these days, if you’re not in league with Trudeau or Biden or the World Economic Forum or whatever.

Twitter is the same. You can see their “curated” list of suggested tweets is always left-wing fads. They sure seem to be pushing the war in Ukraine, too — I wonder if that’s a sponsored ad, like many of their other trending subjects. It’s weird to see wars being promoted, I think.

But into this left-wing, globalist, think-alike swamp came a wonderful, refreshing, heart-warming trend.

I don’t think there’s ever been such a grassroots rebellion on social media. It was amazing.

Do you know who panicked? This guy: Trudeau’s disgraced advisor, Gerald Butts.

It was the number one trending item on Twitter — until he publicly complained, and then, almost a miracle, Twitter removed it as the top trending item. Funny how that works.

Butts is getting really weird and creepy these days.

Here he is lashing out at me, but he won’t type my name — it’s like he’s afraid to say it. It’s like a child watching the Harry Potter films and being afraid to say the name of the bad guy, Voldemort. He’s still ranting about the fact that the Globe and Mail published an editorial written by me three years ago. Seriously. He’s obsessed.

He’s obsessed with silencing critics. Because he can’t debate them; he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t want to admit that these half a million people who said Trudeau Must Go could possibly be real; and there’s no point debating a Russian secret agent, am I right?

The more control he has over the mainstream media, the more control he wants, he needs, as he realizes that if there is still a single free journalist in the country, he does not truly have control, just like a single candle can still light up a room, even if a thousand other candles were snuffed out; it’s that last one that makes the most difference, that defies the dark.

Let me close with a classic example of what this all means — a censorship world, where the only media allowed are the regime media; or a free world, where journalists can speak the truth.

Look at this video, of a drunk Justin Trudeau, in London for the Queen’s funeral, singing a song from the band Queen.

He’s putting on a show for the Brits. They’re in mourning; he’s partying, singing, showing what a dramatic actor he is. His wife is nowhere to be seen.

Here’s how the Daily Mail reported it:

'Drunk' Canadian PM Trudeau is slammed as a 'tone deaf embarrassment' for singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody at London hotel before Elizabeth II's state funeral
• Wearing a casual t-shirt, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau was seen standing over a piano during a singalong with other members of his formal delegation at the central London hotel
• Trudeau was heard hitting the infamous notes during the jollity, along with lyrics: 'Easy come, easy go'
• The sing-song happened on Saturday night at London's swanky Corinthia Hotel - just two days before billions tuned in to watch Queen Elizabeth II's funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday morning

So that’s the free press.

Here’s the regime media in Canada, the Toronto Star, the largest newspaper in the country:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s impromptu tribute to the Queen included a hotel piano and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

The Prime Minister and Canadian pianist Gregory Charles were captured on video performing the popular Queen song in a London hotel lobby on Saturday night.

They’re ready to work for North Korea’s press, aren’t they?

Well, if that’s all you read — Trudeau’s CBC and Trudeau’s Toronto Star — you really wouldn’t believe that half a million Canadians actually said Trudeau must go. You couldn’t believe it you just wouldn’t. You’d have to think it was a Russian intrigue, wouldn’t you? Otherwise your whole worldview would crumble.

GUEST: Breitbart technology editor Allum Bokhari (@LibertarianBlue) on Bob Iger's comments on Twitter bots and Sen. Ted Cruz' amendment to Sen. Amy Klobuchar's Journalism Competition and Preservation Act.

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