Do you conform? Is there any limit to what you’ll go along with?

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It’s the first day of fall, and it’s getting cooler out. Soon it’s going to be really cold, and that’s uncomfortable for everyone, but it’s really bad for society’s homeless.

Do the vaccine passports apply to them? What I mean is — will they be allowed to sleep in homeless shelters if they’re unvaccinated? How about just getting in out of the cold for a moment — going into a diner or a coffee shop or a McDonald’s to warm up with a hot cup of coffee or a bowl of soup.

Is that going to be allowed anymore? Or — in the name of public health — are the homeless going to be forced to freeze to death? For their health.

That’s one example of an unintended consequence. We have no idea what all the unintended consequences will be about this atrocious mass experiment conducted unethically.

That’s what a vaccine passport is — an experiment in public health.

Get ready for a lot more of this:

Get out, you unclean woman. Get out into the cold. Get out into the street. Sleep there; we can’t have your uncleanliness near us.

Even the premier of Quebec says so:

He would not accept an unvaccinated nurse next to him. Who worked for 18 months without a vaccine; who, we were told, were the heroes. But she’d be unclean, unlike him.

Do you accept that? Do you conform? Will you accept this? Is this Canada?

Is this you?

GUEST: Andrew Lawton (@AndrewLawton on Twitter) on the Ontario vaccine passport program.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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