Does Trudeau want to phase out oil, or subsidize it? Depends what province the oil comes from.

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It’s not news that Justin Trudeau believes in phasing out the oilsands. He has said so, too many times to count.

And here is Seamus O’Regan, in a three-way tie with Catherine McKenna and Steven Guilbeault for stupidest cabinet minister, saying what he loves about Alberta:

None of that is true.

Alberta is oil and gas. Everything else listed there is a gimmick, a stunt, or in the case of Liberals, a lobbyist’s scam.

Trudeau and his cabinet hate Alberta oil.

That’s why Trudeau cancelled the Northern Gateway pipeline and the Energy East pipeline, and delayed the Trans Mountain pipeline — let’s be honest, it will never be built through B.C.

They hate oil.

Except that of course they don’t quite hate oil:

They certainly use a lot of it themselves, using private jets like you and I would use taxis.

But now look at this:

Hang on. You just said that Alberta has to phase out oil and gas, and decarbonize. You killed three pipelines that would export oil from Alberta.

Trudeau doesn’t hate Alberta oil, people.

He just hates Alberta.

Don’t forget that.

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