Ezra Levant suing for debate access: Government “says we're advocates,” not real journalists


Today I'm suing Justin Trudeau and his highly partisan, hand-picked debate commission which has banned Rebel News reporters from tonight's federal leaders' debate in Gatineau purely because of our political ideology.

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Andrew Lawton of True North has also been denied attendance.

We filed a lawsuit shortly after we heard we were banned on Friday, October 4.

And now, this morning, I am at the Federal Court in Toronto to seek an emergency injection to Let Us Report.

I've had the chance to look at not only our lawsuit, but the government's response. They say we're advocates, and advocates  can't be allowed in the room because we're advocates. Of course, many journalists are advocates. The Toronto Star has a set of principles called the Atkinson Principles that are completely advocacy-oriented.

They say research groups aren't allowed, but they have accredited something called the Institute for Research on Public Policy.

They say we do petitions, so that means we can't be allowed. But they've accredited a reporter from the National Observer -- they do many petitions.

They say we are a lobby group, that's not true, but they've admitted reporters from Al-Jazeera, which actually is a kind of a lobby group that's wholly owned by the ruling dictatorship of Qatar.

There is no explanation for the ban, other than Justin Trudeau doesn't want us there.

We're already spent $10,000 on the case.

To learn more about our case (and help cover our $10,000 in legal fees) please visit LetUsReport.com.

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  • By David Menzies

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