Let's fact check CBC's coronavirus news

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CBC News is launching an official coronavirus fact-checking unit and they won’t have look very far to find misinformation to fight.

One of CBC’s senior reporters, Katie Nicholson tweeted:

“Today CBC News is launching a COVID-19 fact-checking unit. We are here to expose the mistruths and disinformation around the global pandemic. If there's something you think we should look into you, can contact us at [email protected]

I should email her some of the very wrong stories the CBC has published on the virus.

CBC is probably the biggest source of republished coronavirus misinfo, and in some instances, Chinese propaganda, and yet, they have appointed themselves the authoritative source for Wuhan Flu rumour debunking!

Today, I will go through a few of the times the CBC has published misleading stories about the pandemic, from the time they published Chinese propaganda nearly verbatim to their recent story about how Trump told some not very bright people to drink fish tank cleaner to stave off infection of COVID-19 (he didn’t).

CBC claiming to fight pandemic disinformation is just like one of those horror movies where the scary phone call is coming from inside the house.

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