Facts — not fantasy — key to post-pandemic economic recovery | Catherine Swift joins Ezra Levant

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Catherine Swift of Canadians for a Responsible Recovery joined Ezra to discuss the six-point plan the group is putting forward as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party are set to unveil their plans for the country in the throne speech and special press conference following that, later in the day. 

As the Liberals appear set to announce a recovery heavily focused on a green recovery”, Catherine's focus was on navigating the pending economic trouble with a fiscally responsible mindset, not an agenda based in fantasy, like for example the Canadians for a Responsible Recovery's approach for emissions targets: 

A lot of this gets down to believing in fantasy-land or believing in facts. Every single international climate accord has had targets that were never met by anybody. At what point do we say “this is not going to happen, why do we adopt these things,” - and it's not just Canada, again it's other countries as well - “agree to these things and then never achieve them.”

Why don't we do something real, that's measurable and actually [is] accomplished, instead of foolish things that aren't achievable, and yet, at least in Canada, we're implementing policies that hurt people, supposedly in the name of things like the Paris Accord.

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