Eco-extremists overrun Blue River, British Columbia: RCMP abandon duty as town counter-protests

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Blue River, British Columbia is under siege by lawless environmental radicals.

A group of indigenous extremists (who are not local to the area) have set up shacks on the roadways of the small town to protest the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion. The democratically elected local Indian band, the Simpcw First Nation, has officially and vocally supported the pipeline after signing a Mutual Benefits Agreement. 

The organizer of the self-styled “Tiny House Warriors” is named Kanahus Manuel, and she has been staked out in the small town for years. Manuel has been recorded being verbally aggressive and unstable towards law enforcement, locals, women, and young people, routinely calling white people “rapists” and “pedophiles.”

Hypocritically, the extremist’s family has been linked to ownership of a gas station, according to Stewart Muir of Resource Works.

On Saturday the Small Shack Extremists, as I call them, marched through the horrified town with spears, body armor, communications equipment, and assorted tactical gear. They were a militia. A squad from the militia hung from the sides of a pickup truck waving flags, fists in the air, as it sped down the highway. The RCMP were parked watching, and chose not to enforce the law, for some reason.

Across the highway from the militia’s demonstration, locals gathered for a non-confrontational BBQ, to protest the unseemly and illegal tactics of the out-of-town radicals.

The citizens of the town were abandoned by law enforcement that day, and have been for years now, at the orders of Justin Trudeau’s handpicked commissioner, Brenda Lucki. The mainstream media has also abandoned them, providing absolutely zero coverage outside of some radical leftist outlets.

That is why Rebel News had to be there on location, to see with our own eyes and share with Canadians the lawless area that has been allowed to flourish by the Government of British Columbia and Justin Trudeau’s RCMP.


Security, travel, and accommodations in the remote region costs more than usual. The security firm has quoted us over $3,000 to be on location with us for just a few hours the day.

If you help us cover the costs of this project, we will be able to get to work exposing these eco-radicals, helping the locals of Blue River, and getting this pipeline in the ground once and for all.

Click here to donate and help us expose these eco-radicals harassing the small town of Blue River?

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  • By Keean Bexte

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