Feds gave expired gowns to military sent to long term care homes in Ontario

Feds gave expired gowns to military sent to long term care homes in Ontario
The Canadian Press / Graham Hughes
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40,000 expired gowns handed to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to protect them during their assignment to assist at Ontario's long term care homes were "still useful", according to internal emails circulated around Justin Trudeau's staff.

CAF members were deployed last year to work at care homes struggling with severe COVID-19 outbreaks.

The admission was included under a Request for Federal Assistance in an April 2020 email from Sabrina Kim to fellow government staffers Matt Stickney, Ben Chin, Jordan Deagle, Brian Clow, Olivier Duschesneau, Colleen Lamothe, Alyx Holland, Samantha Khalil, Shannon Zimmerman, Sabina Saini, Leslie Church and Ryan Dunn:

SUBJECT: Procurement Call - April 24

Hi- please see below for a summary of tonight's procurement call:

...Ontario made a request at the political level for a number of supplies - officials checking to see what needs are critical & what is feasible

- Appears the need for 10 million nitrile gloves is not as immediate as their need for gowns and masks

We will provide 40k expired gowns to CAF for their ON deployment; have yet to receive a similar request from QC

- Officials confirmed expired gowns are still useful and HC has issued guidance to this effect

CAF officials released a report in May of last year detailing allegations of elder abuse in several long-term care facilities.

You can read more about the procurement call on the emails below.

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