Feminist Trudeau unaware of #MeToo allegations against fmr Chief of Defence? Seems unlikely

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In case you haven't heard: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is absolutely a feminist. And yet somehow, Trudeau was unaware of the nature of allegations made against the (former) highest ranking member Canada's, General Jonathan Vance.

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and his chief of staff knew. A former senior advisor in Trudeau's office knew. Even Trudeau's own chief of staff, Katie Telford, knew.

Somehow, some way, the highest ranking feminist in the land did not know.

To break down this claim, T. Lee Humphrey, founder of Veterans For The Conservative Party, was the guest on yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show.

Lee discussed how the mainstream media loves to use the military as a punching bag by amplifying small stories and making them out to be something they aren't, but how this story differs from that usual perspective.

Lee told Ezra that this was:

A story as old as time, where a senior officers get away with committing sexual misconduct — they get away with all kinds of things — when the junior ranks and junior officers are held to a very, very different standard. And I think we're seeing this play out at the highest possible levels at this point.

Ezra wondered if Lee was aware of any evidence to suggest that Trudeau and his officials knew of this, to which Lee responded:

I think there is. I think one of your peers at The Globe And Mail got some emails that showed directly that the prime minister's office, Katie Telford specifically, received emails suggesting this was sexual misconduct. So the idea that Trudeau's now claiming that nobody in his office knew it was a #MeToo issue seems moot.

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