FENCED: Without Papers support group faces literal bureaucratic barrier

Authorities have now put a fence around the parking lot where the Without Papers support group used to gather.

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I’m here to bring you a quick update on the Without Papers Pizza story, and how the City of Calgary is making it even harder for people to gather — even outside — to oppose this new style of government segregation.

Authorities have now put a fence around the parking lot where the Without Papers support group used to gather, effectively putting a wall between them and the pavement they occupied on a weekly basis.

This isn’t the first time in Alberta we’ve seen behaviour like this from soulless authorities, as you may recall a similar situation also happened to Gracelife Church. Unlike most churches, they didn’t hide the fact that due to their faith, and backed by Criminal Code and the Charter, they were defying public health orders.

Pastor James Coates spent time in jail for sticking to his faith, much like Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

Pastor Artur was arrested after being part of a peaceful vigil held outside the home of the minister of health — if you're interested in learning more about that story or wondering how you can donate to his legal battles, visit SaveArtur.com.

This most recent incident with Pastor Artur kicked off 2022, and now, just days after that, the powers that be have put a fence around a literal parking lot in an attempt to stop likeminded people from gathering.

The parking authorities have placed signage around the area saying the lot’s closed for maintenance; however, it's no secret that bureaucrats have been trying to remove the Without Papers support group from the open pavement in front of the now-fenced-off area.

Though this fence blocks off the groups gathering point, not even -30°C temperatures kept them from congregating outside. After all, it’s not where, but what they believe that’s caused their perseverance. I’ve no doubts this isn’t the end for the Without Papers group, but how the situation will evolve has yet to be determined.

What we do know is that first they put a fence around a church, then they put a fence around a piece of pavement. How soon do you think until they try putting a fence around your front door? Like we see in China.

Many argue the situation is worse than it once was thanks to government restrictions. Perhaps it’s time to stop looking at what restrictions could do to help, but rather what they’ve already done. 

Suicides and overdoses are on the risefood shortages are being found across the country, and instead of listening to the people he’s in a position to help, our certified drama teacher/prime minister accuses those who don’t see eye-to-eye with him as being racist, sexist, extremists.

Ironic, considering he leads the way in creating the greatest division we’ve ever seen in Canada, literally ripping families in half from coast, to coast, to coast.

At Rebel News, we are fighting back against this medical discrimination.

If you’re done with this segregation, donate to FightVaccinePassports.com, where your donations go straight to a legal team taking these vaccine mandates to court. With your donations, these cases could bare a precedence setting case for the rest of the country, meaning we could see the end of this state-labelled emergency. Donations would also qualify you for a charitable tax receipt through our partnership with The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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