Fighting $100,000 in COVID fines handed to a Nova Scotia church and congregation

Weston Christian Fellowship Church in Berwick, Nova Scotia was visited by local RCMP two Sundays in a row, resulting in over $100,000 in COVID tickets for both the church and its congregation.

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Today we are bringing you the terrible story of the Weston Christian Fellowship Church. It's an awful tale of government overreach and police heavy-handedness the likes of which would normally be seen in China, or Iran or one of the other more authoritarian places of the world.

But this church is in Berwick, Nova Scotia.

On May 9 and then again on May 16, 2021, the local RCMP descended upon the Annapolis Valley church and set up an impaired driving style check stop at the entrances to the church property and proceeded to ticket the congregants as they left services, ultimately issuing 34 COVID gathering tickets over the course of the back-to-back Sundays.

The church and congregation received over $100,000 in fines for the crime of refusing to turn away congregants who came to worship God as a community. The church as an entity received fines in excess of $11,000.

Police gave 26 adults fines of $2422.00, some receiving multiple tickets.

The good news is the Weston Christian Fellowship Church is being helped through, a civil liberties project in cooperation with the registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund and through crowdfunding donations.

Fight The Fines puts people — or churches — facing lockdown tickets together with criminal or civil litigators at no cost to them to fight their lockdown tickets in court. Christina Lazier is the top-notch lawyer working hard for Weston Christian Fellowship and she says she is launching a Charter challenge of the police actions against the church.

It's going to be an enormous battle but we think religious freedom is worth fighting for.

If you do too, please consider donating to to help this church and the 2,000+ other Canadians receiving help with their lockdown tickets from the same program.

All donations to qualify for a charitable tax receipt. Thank you to everyone who donates to and supports this important civil liberties work.

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