• By Sheila Gunn Reid

PETITION: Fire Liberal MP Han Dong!

Sign the petition to demand that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau immediately kick Liberal MP Han Dong out of caucus.

According to CSIS leaks to journalists, the MP for Don Valley North was chosen by the Communist Chinese as their man in Toronto, one of 11 such China-installed candidates benefiting from foreign interference in Canada's electoral process since 2019.

Dong won his nomination campaign in 2019, according to a Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) whistleblower, with the help of Beijing, which used operatives and loyalists to bus in seniors to vote for him with Dong's name written on their arms in sharpie. The CSIS whistleblower to Global News also said foreign students were threatened with revocation of their visas if they did not turn up to support Dong.

The CSIS insider says they warned senior Liberals to terminate Dong's candidacy, but Trudeau intervened to save him. In turn, Dong conveniently skipped out at the last minute on a Liberal-sponsored vote to condemn the Uyghur genocide at the hands of China.

Dong says he investigated his campaign and — surprise! — found no wrongdoing. Not good enough.

But of course, China is Trudeau's favourite dictatorship, and it is the Liberals who are benefiting from the foreign meddling.

After a year of pushing the hoax that the Freedom Convoy protest was a Kremlin-funded operation, Prime Minster Trudeau says there is nothing to see here, and if you think there is, you're a racist.

Canadians deserve answers and transparency. We must know that foreign influence in our elections will be pulled out at its root. But that's not happening. Instead, Trudeau is standing by Dong and refusing to investigate further.