Georgia rescanning over 12,000 ballots due to 'technical problems'

Georgia rescanning over 12,000 ballots due to 'technical problems'
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Georgia Republican Party Chair David Shafer stated on Wednesday night that Fulton County is rescanning a batch of 12,000 due to “unexplained technical problems.”

“Fulton County Commissioner [Liz Hausmann] just alerted me that Fulton County is re-scanning a batch of 12,000 ballots due to unexplained technical problems,” said Shafer. “We have dispatched Republican monitors back to the tabulation center. This is maddening.”

Confirming Shafter’s claim via Twitter, Hausmann posted a tweet: “Thank you [Georgia] GOP for responding so quickly to send monitors back to the GWCC from the #News that the Fulton #recount2020 was not complete after all??” she wrote via Twitter. “[Shaking my head] #MidnightDeadline.”

Republican Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger blasted Fulton County over constant “dysfunction” over the statewide recount requested by the Trump Campaign, Fox News reported Tuesday.

“Us and our office, and I think the rest of the state, is getting a little tired of always having to wait on Fulton County and always having to put up with their dysfunction,” Raffensperger stated. “They can still make it by our midnight Wednesday deadline, but they seem to want to make it a dramatic finish.”

On Sunday and Monday, Raffensperger stated the county stopped working at 5 p.m “Yesterday announced they will scan from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. today,” he said Tuesday. “As of an hour ago, Fulton County only had eight of the 17 high-speed scanners going because of staffing shortages.”

Fulton County has had various issues with vote-counting, including a server crash, as well as a reporting issue which resulted in officials having to rescan more than 300,000 ballots, Fox News noted.

“The real issue is a Fulton County employee made several compounding errors,” the secretary of state noted. “Instead of following the procedures that my office and the vendor laid out, Fulton County once again cut corners. The biggest one being [the employee] backed up the election project on the server itself instead of on an external backup. Because of that decision, they lost the ability to upload hundreds of thousands of scanned ballots.”

Fulton County Board of Commissioners, Rob Pitts, questioned why his county is being picked on, asserting there had been “no hanky-panky with the recent election.”

“I’m still not clear why they continue to pick on Fulton County, Georgia,” Pitts said, according to Christine Dietz, a reporter for 11Alice. “We are the largest county. I can’t speak to the other counties, but I can tell you without shadow of a doubt, there was no hanky-panky with the recent election.”

Raffensperger announced on Monday that he has opened 250 investigations to look into “credible claims of illegal voting and violation of state election law” as previously reported by Rebel News. 

“There are currently over 250 open cases from 2020 and we have 23 investigators to follow up on that,” Raffensperger said, adding, “We have multiple investigations underway surrounding absentee ballots in Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, and many others. We continue our investigations into potential dead, double voters, and non-resident voters.”

“That is why I’m announcing an investigation into third party groups working to register people in other states to vote here in Georgia,” he added. “We have opened an investigation into a group called America Votes who is sending absentee ballot applications to people at addresses where they have not lived since 1994; Vote Forward, who attempted to register a dead Alabama voter, a woman, to vote here in Georgia; The New Georgia Project, who sent voter registration applications to New York City, at Operation New Voter Registration Georgia, who is telling college students in Georgia that they can change their residency to Georgia and then change it back after the election.”

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