Greta Thunberg hitches a ride on a catamaran to UN climate conference in Madrid

Greta Thunberg is fleeing North America in style. After her pals at the UN pulled a fast one on her and moved the COP25 conference from Chile to Madrid, Greta needed to return to her home continent. 

Normally, one would book a flight, but Greta vowed on camera to Rebel News a while back that she wouldn’t. So Instead of flying to Spain, she will be taking a €550,000 catamaran across the Atlantic. No biggie!

The catamaran, which has three beds, will be full – no room for Greta’s dad, her personal BBC producer/activist, or her security lead who has 9-1-1 on speed dial, as I discovered during our last encounter. They will likely have to book three more trans-Atlantic flights to accompany Greta — but you won’t hear a peep about that from the mainstream media.

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