Groceries & Gasoline in Russia: Soviet-style shortages?

The Biden administration refuses to buy oil from a country the U.S. is at war with by proxy.

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In February 2022, when Vladimir Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine, U.S. President Joe Biden organized an economic sanctions regime made up of most Western countries.

These economic sanctions are the strictest ever placed upon the Russian financial and business system. The aim of Western sanctions was to choke and constrict the Russian economy as to make it financially and politically unviable to continue their war efforts.

The New York Times reported that these sanctions are leading to essential good “scarcity.” The Washington Post went as far as reporting that Russia is facing “Soviet-style shortages” because of the economic sanctions. While in Moscow, I decided to go to a grocery store and document these supposed shortages.

Another important essential good is oil or gasoline. The Biden administration refuses to buy oil from a country the U.S. is at war with by proxy. These policies have resulted in much higher prices at the pumps for ordinary Americans.

But what are gas prices like in Russia? Is gas cheap because it's produced domestically? Or is gas expensive because the government has hiked the prices to make up for the lost revenue it's experiencing from sanctions, and it needs to finance its war effort?

Watch my report to find the answer to these questions and head to to follow all of my reporting in Russia.

If you can support us, please do. Between my economy-class airfare, accommodations, an interpreter, a fixer and a Moscow lawyer, we expect the total cost of this trip to be $11,000. If you can help us, please do. 

Being independent is the only reason we can do this mission; but it also means that we need your help to pay for it.

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