True North's Cosmin Dzsurdzsa is documenting Canada's culture wars

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Trudeau just blamed your loaf of bread for his climate change in his latest attacks on the west, pointing his finger at the fertilizer use of cereal farmers for him missing his greenhouse gas emissions targets.

Then, the Canadian military is going woke, lowering uniform standards, and hosting drag events at military social clubs. What does this mean for the future of military readiness?

And lastly, the Ottawa Police have been tasked with investigating their own actions during the convoy to Ottawa protests in February, where police were captured on video deploying pepper spray on peaceful protesters and shooting a Rebel News journalist, Alexa Lavoie, with a pepper canister at close range. Spoiler alert! They found they did nothing wrong!

Cosmin Dzsurdzsa (@cosminDZS), from True North, documents the culture wars where the battles are happening, covering stories the media ignores but normal Canadians care about. He joins me tonight to discuss his latest comprehensive reporting on all these stories.

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