Tides Foundation gearing up for the next federal Canadian election

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Is your SUV burning down British Columbia and causing the drought in Alberta?

If you got all your news from the mainstream media, you'd be racing off to the Tesla dealership for an overpriced, virtue-signaling auto that wouldn't survive the first cold snap next winter in order to alleviate your extreme climate guilt.

The last 18 months have shown the effectiveness of TV induced-anxiety by the powers that be — the unelected ones, like medical bureaucrats and climate activists embedded in government who seek to control our lives through climate policies. These people have learned a lot about how easy the masses are to control, and they will repurpose COVID-19 behavioural control techniques to change how we go about our lives in order to restrict our fossil fuel usage.

Thank goodness we have people who watch the climate hustlers and control freaks. That's what Friends of Science does. We all know about the foreign meddlers in the American mega-charity, the Tides Foundation. But sometimes, as they say, the scary phone call is coming from inside the house.

Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science joins me tonight to discuss the large Canadian environmental foundation already gearing up to meddle in the next election, and its ties to the Liberal party.

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