Children in fear due to climate change fear mongering: Here's how to help

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Adults are making their irrational fears about climate change a new contagion for innocent children.

The headline in one of the world’s largest publications, the Daily Mail, warned:

“Some children find spending time in nature distressing because it can trigger feelings of anxiety and despair linked to climate change”

It’s the Greta Thunberg Effect. The media, politicians, and activists have all told children that the world is ending because of climate change, and, if it the slim chance it is to be saved, only the children can save it.

It’s too much responsibility and hopelessness for young people to cope with, and it’s making them neurotic and anxious about a doomsday that isn’t coming.

Joining me today to talk about the issue of adult climate anxiety manifesting in children and how she's doing something in her own little way to alleviate the fears of little ones through her videos and books is Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science.


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