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Professor David Haskell on COVID groupthink and the death of divergent views on campus

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Professor David Haskell has been censored by YouTube for publishing his own, meticulously researched speech to students facing roadblocks to their education and career aspirations due to vaccine mandates.

Haskell was speaking at Trinity Bible Chapel to “inspire courage” in students and give them the tools to defend their ideas. The Waterloo church, led by Pastor Jacob Reaume, has been subject to fines and seizure for defying lockdown restrictions on Ontario places of worship.

However, Big Tech found Haskell's ideas a little too bold and his video lasted all of 180 seconds on YouTube before being taken down for violating community standards. Haskell's COVID speech crime involved citing mainstream medical journals and peer-reviewed studies about COVID science.

This fight for free speech is nothing new for Haskell, though the battleground is different. He has been an outspoken critic of the enforced group think on Canadian university campuses, as a self-described conservative Christian male who teaches in the Liberal Arts.

Haskell's speech, titled Vaccine Mandates are the Rehearsal, the Future Will be Worse, is still up on Rumble, and includes all the supporting links and evidence should you want to check it out for yourself without Nanny Google telling you what to think.

And to combat the censorship, I invited Haskell on my show for what I hope is the first of many more appearances to discuss COVID groupthink, the death of divergent ideas on campus and what that means for the future of society.

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