Theo Fleury on the dangers of lockdowns

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Last week, a pair of boundary-less COVID Karens openly plotted a scheme to take children to get vaccinated without the consent or knowledge of the kids' parents.

One of the women involved was a small time, locally famous “mommy blogger” from Saskatchewan married to a cop. She should have known better than to formulate a plan to abduct kids, inject them with medicine, and encourage the kids to tell the parents they had simply gone to a movie. It felt like grooming.

I saw it. I tweeted about it. The whole affair trended on Twitter.

And then it was reported on by RT, the Russian state broadcaster. People around the world were outraged that anyone would be so brazen about undermining well meaning parents in the name of “public health”. The two weirdos involved in the fiasco claimed victimhood because people tweeted mean things at them.

But Canada's state broadcaster all but ignored the news. Not a Tory? Not a story.

It got me thinking about how the COVID vaccine mandates are physically separating kids from their unvaccinated parents and opening the door to creeps and predators. Unjabbed parents have to wait in the car while their kids play hockey, swim or use the gym, leaving children extremely vulnerable.

Today on the show, an expert on the topic of minor sports and child predators joins me to discuss the dangers of lockdowns.

Theo Fleury is a former NHL star, a public speaker with a focus on recovering from trauma and addiction and a lover of freedom.

Tonight on The Gunn Show, he gives us his analysis, predictions and solutions for a society that had government inflict trauma and abuse upon it for the last 635 days of two weeks to flatten the curve.

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