What impact will vaccine mandates have on the ethical and moral compasses of society going forward?

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Dr. Julie Ponesse saw her long career fall apart after she refused to comply with her university's vaccine mandate.

She was a professor of ethics who had given much intellectual consideration to medical and bio-ethics. One day, many of the scenarios she had taught about in a philosophical manner had become reality. Dr. Ponesse was faced with the untenable position of taking the COVID jab or losing her job like so many other people all across the country, as workplace COVID-19 vaccine mandates became the norm.

Dr. Ponesse chose her conscience and her emotional final message to her ethics students went viral. She has since joined The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity aimed at advancing civil liberties, where she serves as the pandemic ethics scholar.

Do we have a right to reject a medical procedure to keep our jobs? Are we obligated to speak out against state coercion? Are we entitled to informed consent? What sort of things are we not allowed to rigorously debate while being told incessantly to “follow the science”? And what can we do to change the world in front of us when it all seems bleak and hopeless and when those who do not conform are being “othered” and discriminated against?

Ponesse answers many of those questions tonight in her interview with me and also in her brave new book, My Choice: The Ethical Case Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates.

The book is her account of the battle for choice and autonomy in a time of compliance and its aftermath.

Get your copy today at www.MyChoiceBook.ca or at Amazon.ca.

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