Matt Brevner: Recording artist and Rebel video journalist says there's “More Of Us”

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Politics is downstream of culture. It's a mantra popularized by the late Andrew Breitbart which reminds us that by the time we are fighting an issue in the political area, the war is likely already lost because we didn't show up for the battle of ideas in the culture wars. Public opinion has already been swayed and it may be too late to change it.

There aren't many open conservatives left in Hollywood. It's the same political homogeneity in pop music. Industries that pride themselves on the beauty of diversity, free speech and liberated expression simultaneously enforce strict conformity on political and social issues.

Matt Brevner is Juno-award nominated recording artist who was cancelled by his peers in the music industry for being an open and unapologetic Christian. Their loss, our gain.

Matt now works as a Vancouver-based videojournalist with Rebel News, using his God-given talent of visual storytelling to give a voice to normal people suffering the government's overreaction to the coronavirus. He has documented the division and hate directed at conscientious objectors to lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

Now, Matt is using his skills as a musician to produce music that reminds people they are not alone and to remind us to offer grace to those who may be coming around to the other side of the lockdown hysteria.

His new song, More of Us, despite Matt being prevented by big-tech from purchasing ads to promote it, trended as high as Number 11 on Youtube Music, an incredible feat for any independent artist, let alone a Canadian.

It's an inspirational good news story, yet Matt is being largely ignored by mainstream music journalists because his politics are wrong. The success of Matt's latest single in the face of hard and soft censorship is proof positive of the message; the really are more of us than them.

Matt joins me tonight to discuss what brought him back to his music, why he wrote the song, and what he plans to do next. To get Matt's latest single, More of Us, click here.

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