Cutting through the trucker convoy media lies with Cory Morgan

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The Convoy for Freedom to Ottawa is becoming an unstoppable juggernaut as the trucks and supporters approach the nation's capital.

The truckers, who initially formed the protest convoy to oppose the federally imposed COVID-19 vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers, have become the avatar of resistance for a public who are sick of the never-ending lockdowns, unscientific restrictions, and constant demonization and division from politicians, media and unelected public health bureaucrats.

The public support and size of the convoy are growing in every town it rolls through.

This means the smears from the bought and paid for mainstream media and special interest groups who act as proxies for the government are reaching a fevered pitch. Racist, sexist, homophobic, extremist, anti-Muslim and anti-vax are just a few of the unfounded labels tossed at the convoy in an attempt to discredit it to protect Trudeau and his government from what's coming.

Media and politically influential types have been nudging GoFundMe to cancel the $4-million crowdfunding campaign to support the truckers. However, so far, the people are just not buying the lies.

Some Conservative politicians are supporting the truckers without any sense of irony.

Premiers Scott Moe and Jason Kenney have come out against the vax mandate on truckers, yet both premiers have imposed a vaccine passport system for their respective citizens — including truckers — to access many public spaces including indoor dining and recreation centres.

Federal Conservative Party leader Erin O'Toole can't seem to figure out if he supports the truckers or not, while his own MPs have openly agreed to meet with the convoy when it hits Ottawa.

Joining me tonight to discuss the convoy, the controversy about the GoFundMe campaign to support the truckers, and his new talk show Triggered, is the assistant opinion editor at Western Standard, Cory Morgan.

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