REVEALED: What environmentalists are secretly planning for Canada (GUEST: Tom Harris)

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The coronavirus pandemic is proving itself to be the crisis the environmentalist movement needs to push their agenda. LeadNow recently held an online Zoom rally for the environment.

LeadNow, as you may recall, is the radical anti-conservative group that spear-headed the 2015 “Vote Together” campaign that targeted vulnerable conservative ridings by encouraging progressives to do as the name suggests and vote together to avoid a vote split.

The online rally, led by some reportedly pretty young people and attended by their middle-aged and twilight years enablers, received a prerecorded greeting by the Liberal Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson. Green Party MP Liz May was also on the call.

The Left is not hiding what they plan for the economy and how they plan to use the coronavirus to get the job done. They aren’t hiding it. All we have to do is pay attention and to take them at their word.

But what are we, on the Right, going to do to stop them?

So far, the Right doesn’t have their act together. The Left is running the show and the rudderless, leaderless official Conservatives are too scared to say a word in their own defense.

Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition was in the belly of the beast doing something conservatives often don’t do: listen to the radical Left. He was on that call of radicals and mainstream left-wing politicos.

Tom joins me tonight to tell us what he heard the environmentalists planning for Canada with the endorsement of the Liberals. Tom also tells us his plan to create an alternative to all this organizing the radical left is doing right now and shares his plan to fight back.

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