Michelle Stirling on the green war on cities

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Why does your mayor want to tell you how many calories you can consume and where those calories should come from?

An initiative called C40 Cities involves mayors of big cities all across the world signing on to a climate scheme to “confront the climate crisis and create a future where everyone can thrive.” It touches every aspect of a resident's life, from nutrition, and transportation, to house size.

The tentacles of the green movement are fully entangled in municipal governments, and it shows. Calgary has recently signed on to an $87-billion climate plan. Ottawa's climate plan is more than $60-billion. No one campaigned on these plans, but now voters have to pay for them.

And outside the cities, the government is the sharp end of the spear in the green war on modern agriculture. Trudeau announced this week that nitrogen caps slapped on Dutch farmers, which caused uprisings in the streets, are now coming to Canada. Farmers will have to limit fertilizer use, perhaps cull livestock, and will suffer smaller yields which will drive up the price of food for the consumer while farmers suffer financial losses. It's starvation and economic collapse by design.

Joining me tonight to discuss the green war on cities, cars, farms, and humanity is Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science.

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