Special guest Keean Bexte: COVID-19 hypocrisy, Trudeau's gun grab and more

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The age of the coronavirus is also the age of hypocrisy.

In Calgary, pastors are fined for feeding the homeless and churches were closed because the acts of nourishing souls and earthly bodies were deemed too dangerous during the coronavirus pandemic. However, the city permitted a large-scale so-called “anti-racism” protest to happen completely unmolested by police and government officials.

Canadian mainstream media outlets are lamenting the arrests of journalists caught up in police sweeps of riot zones in the United States. However, these same journalists are ignoring, condoning or excusing the RCMP using force to remove Rebel News journalist, Keean Bexte, from attending one of the Prime Minister’s conferences at Rideau Cottage.

Joining me tonight to talk about these issues, as well as the evolving Trudeau gun grab and what’s going on in Hong Kong, is my Rebel News colleague, Keean Bexte, in an interview we recorded yesterday afternoon.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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