Canadian Postmodernism and Bad Green Policies

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Municipal politics are a big green virtue signalling mess. It’s a coast to coast to coast problem here in Canada.

The City of Edmonton is building acres of toxic solar panels in the North Saskatchewan River Valley to power one water treatment plant for a couple hours each day, while some of the cleanest burning coal on the face of the Earth sits just west of the city — underutilized, unloved and abandoned.

The City of Ottawa has a $60 billion climate change plan, and local politicians just dedicated one billion dollars to buy and run electric buses, with complete and total disregard to the unreliability of electric vehicles in Canada's northern climate.

The natural question is why is any of this happening? Why are Canadian cities around the world pursuing expensive green goals that really have no measurable impact on global greenhouse gas emissions?

My guest today is an avid watcher of bad green policies and bad green politicians, and has some theories about applied post-modernism and how this new age soft social science has overtaken the application of real hard science. This is an interview I recorded yesterday with Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition Canada.

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