How Trudeau's Bill C-10 will change what you say about climate change

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Bill C-10 is Justin Trudeau's new law to shut up journalists like us who refuse to be bought off by grants, subsidies, and preferential access to public officials. It's the stick part of the old carrot and the stick saying.

C-10 puts the whole internet in Canada under the control of the government — it's meant to get a handle on Rebel News, True North, Western Standard, Post Millennial and a few others in advance of the next election. The Liberals are scared of us; so scared they are ramming through a new law at break neck speed to contain us. I'd be flattered if it weren't so sinister.

But it's not just pesky journalists who are going to get the business end of the government stick.

Anyone, any group, any non-profit, and any society that doesn't get with the Liberal program is going to soft censored by having their content made invisible, or worse.

Friends of Science is one of those groups. They detail the true cost of the Liberal's flagship philosophy of an end to fossil fuels, like what it means for jobs and the cost of living for Canadian families. Friends of Science spreads much of their hard, fact based research on the internet, through their blog or in easy-to-digest YouTube videos.

But for how long? I guess until they end up in the C-10 gulag with me. Tonight my guest is Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science and we are talking about the chilling effect C-10 will have on people who think — “Hey maybe that big, burning ball of gas in the sky has something to do with climate.”

That and so much more on tonight's Gunn Show!

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